Romans 12two Men's Ministry



About Us

We support men in breaking the demands of the invisible wounds of trauma. These demands often result in attempts to alleviate the pain through addictions to alcohol, drugs, pornography, and/or sex. An addiction to pornography or sex increases the demand for human trafficking, which is inextricably linked to modern-day slavery.

We decrease demand by disrupting destructive cycles and reversing generational curses. We accomplish this through God's divine power revealed in small groups and 1:1 mentorships where men can discover demonic strongholds that perpetuate false narratives. We utilize immersive discipleship and intense curriculum from Soul Refiner and Kingdom Works: The Conquer Series and Warpath.

We further the journey to heal wounds and break sexual addictions with the Seven Pillars of Freedom curriculum from Pure Desire Ministries. Through these courses, men begin to understand the neurochemistry associated with their addictions, allowing them to pursue long-term sexual integrity. We help them understand they are wounded and in need of healing, and as the author of the curriculum for Conquer Series and 7 Pillars, Dr. Ted Roberts says, “You were wounded in a community, therefore you must be healed in a community.''

We participate in anti-trafficking initiatives to put an end to modern-day slavery.

We rebuild the family unit by offering healthy date nights and family fellowship opportunities.

We value the importance of healing as a family.